Fast Ood Rockers :Song 4 Kylie ...I'm in Love (Time Machine)


by ladypat

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2007: Fast Ood Rockers present:"Song 4 Kylie: ...I'm in Love (With a Girl In a Time Machine)"
promo video by me ladypat 2007 xx

press release:::

Release date: Never
Label: None

On Christmas Day 2007 Kylie Minogue will climb inside the TARDIS and save the planet in a maid's outfit.

The occasion is marked by Fast Ood Rockers via the medium of popular song with "Song 4 Kylie" - the Christmas number 1 that will never be.

Thrown into the mix are Goldfrapp, The Killers, The Timelords, Kylie's own "'2 Hearts", the Dr Who theme and some rave horns.

I hope you like it.

Happy Christmas,

The Master

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Hey that url didnt work, we watched on right here
By adorableassista2er October