Maybe This Is Love - Waring's Pennsylvanians, 1928

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Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Maybe This Is Love (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson), Victor 1928 (USA)

NOTE: Fredrick Malcolm WARING (b. 1900 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania – d. in 1984) - Americanbandleader and radio personality. He was also a promoter of the Waring Blendor, the first modern electric blender invenyed in 1930 by Frederick Jacob Osius.
During his teenage years, Fred Waring, his brother Tom, and their friend Poley McClintock founded the Waring-McClintock Snap Orchestra, which evolved into Fred Waring's Banjo Orchestra. He attended Penn State University, where he studied architectural engineering, but his Banjo Orchestra became so successful that he decided to abandon his education in order to tour with the band, which eventually became known as Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians. From 1923 until 1932, "Waring's Pennsylvanians" were among Victor Records best-selling bands..

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Great song, music and visuals. Most enjoyable post.
Thank you for sharing.
Przez Walter Gray 5 lat temu
Hello Grzegorz - I love, love, love this vid - even though Tango is my first love - nevertheless - I will "cheat" on my love - with this kind of fun beat and general presentation!
Przez tango3721 5 lat temu
Dear Patrick, thank you for your presence in my site! Can you tell me - as someone more familiar with Dailymotion's habits - why the "banning business" has just begun for me here, too. I uploaded today two clips and will you believe? one, with Ink Spots' tune from 1940: We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) - just was blocked as "violation of Dailymotion rules". And not a word of any further explanation - how, for God's sake, can a 70 years old song recorded on my original Decca 78rpm "vilolate anybody's copyright rules"? Or maybe - something is wrong with me?
Przez grzegorz240252 5 lat temu
Brilliant post! What YT did - dropping your great channel in the 'Waring Blender' - certainly wasn't love , but I take it as a nice revenge :-) I loved the beautiful portraits, of which you seem to have a million/
Przez kspm0220s 5 lat temu
The day just turned a million times brighter. Now I have to learn to use this new site. And soon we'll all be together again!
Przez Barbara Lefcowitz 5 lat temu
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