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    Burberry Fashion House Brings 3D Innovation To Online Advert


    by NTDTelevision

    Earlier this year, British luxury fashion house Burberry staged the world's first fashion show in 3D.

    Now the team behind the campaign is bringing 3D innovation to their latest advertising campaign.

    The company has released a new online feature which allows viewers to physically move the models and Burberry objects.

    With a click of the mouse, people can change angles and move in various directions, getting up close and personal to the clothes and accessories.

    [Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer]: (male, English)
    "It was very simple. I felt that a flat image was a flat image and how could we make it more three dimensional? We just streamed the show live in 3D to Dubai, LA, Paris, Tokyo and we wanted to try to get some of that same buzz. We had the most unbelievable reaction from streaming that's show in 3D and so we wanted to get that same experience with the ad campaign."

    Bailey says since the success of their 3D show in London in February, the company islooking at ways to build up the brand.

    Despite being over 150 years old, Burberry wants to create technological advances within the luxury goods market.

    [Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer]: (male, English)
    "The objective is to get closer to people. I think that's what the web does, it makes the world very small. For example, we have a fashion show whether it's here in London or Milan, and maybe we get whatever, 1500 people come to that show. As soon as you live stream it, you're talking about millions of people. So all of the sudden you have to think in a different way, that 'Ok now it's not just the industry. It's not just buyers, it's not just press, it's now the public.'"

    Retail blogger Moira Benigson says the merging of boundaries between fashion, technology, art and music, forms a significant trend.