VGAISF#10 In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Mr Porc

par Mr Porc

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This movie is a critical case of how to fuck up a huge budget through terrible directing skills, which may not come as a surprise to those familiar with Master Boll's work. A 60-million-dollar budget, an unbelievable cast for a video game adaptation, impressive scenery, decent special effects, and all the elements/stereotypes of heroic fantasy are there : how the fuck could it ever go that wrong ???

I mean, there's nothing actually good to be said about the experience of watching the movie : the actors are all clearly cashing in , fully aware of the quality of the movie they're in; the story is totally predictable and far too convoluted for its own good; and the cinematographer apparently died before shooting began (too bad he was also going to color correct the movie...) !

Anyway, here's the short version to give you a taste of what you're definitely not missing out on.


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Mais le jeu... C'est quoi comme jeu ? C'est quoi le but ??
Par Mike Öpuvty il y a 5 ans