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    Court Officials Arrested in Taiwan Corruption Scandal


    by NTDTelevision

    And this past week also witnessed the biggest corruption scandal in the history of modern Taiwan's judicial system. Three top judges and a prosecutor have been thrown behind bars. They're charged with taking bribes from a former legislator to clear his sentence.

    That legislator is Ho Chi-hui. He's believed to have bribed the four men with nearly 250-thousand dollars to get them to overturn his 19-year corruption sentence.

    The three judges, the prosecutor, and two alleged accomplices were arrested earlier this week.

    The arrests came after a massive bribery investigation that spanned 34 locations and interviews with more than a dozen defendants and witnesses. Now, this case marks the first-ever investigation into Taiwan's High Court.

    These are the last-seen images of Ho Chi-hui, who allegedly bribed the court officials. He disappeared from his home Tuesday morning and is still at large.