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    Charlotte Dacre - The Kiss


    by poetictouch

    Charlotte Dacre - The Kiss - Read by Stella Gonet

    The Kiss
    by Charlotte Dacre (1782–1841)

    The greatest bliss
    Is in a kiss —
    A kiss of love refin'd,
    When springs the soul
    Without control
    And blends the bliss with mind.

    For if desire
    Alone inspire,
    The kiss not me can charm;
    The eye must beam
    With chasten'd gleam
    That would my soul disarm.

    What fond delight
    Does love excite
    When sentiment takes part!
    The falt'ring sigh,
    Voluptuous eye,
    And palpitating heart.

    Ye fleet to fast —
    Sweet moments, last
    A little longer mine!
    Like Heaven's bow
    Ye fade — ye go;
    Too tremulously fine!