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    Hiroshi Yamato vs. KAI


    by MONDOwrestling

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    Hiroshi Yamato vs. KAI-All Japan B-Banquet 262 16.05.2010: A great match that I have heard mixed opinions on. It seems that anybody who hasn't heard about it prior to actually seeing it loves it. And anybody who has heard the hype seems a little underwhelmed.
    I had heard the hype, it was the reason I tracked it down, and still loved it. The action starts fast with a killer spear to the outside and barely slows down throughout. My only complaint about the match is the on again-off again selling but that's something I can ignore easily in a match with some great spots.
    Be sure to check out the 'on their knees slapping each other' spot towards the finish. KAI punches Yamato straight in the chops, and Yamato fires back with a skull splitting headbutt that had my stomach churning. Not sure how well the audio will come out in the upload but take my word, with a quality pair of headphones, it is horrible. And i'm pretty sure the blood is hardway.