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    Is the psychic octopus joining Jose in Madrid?


    by ODN


    The World Cup 2010 is over but the interest in the famous octopus oracle Paul is greater than ever.

    Living in his German Aquarium in Oberhausen, offers from betting offices and zoos are coming daily. Madrid zoo is apparently the latest to launch a bid for the celebrity cephalopod.

    The zoo said on Wednesday it would like the world's most famous octopus to see out his final year of life in the Spanish capital after he predicted Spain's World Cup triumph.

    The Spanish zoo has already set up a pool for him and is now in talks with German Sea Life zoo in Oberhausen to carry out a species exchange. But Paul is not up for sale, Paul's keepers reaffirmed on Thursday.

    "We are not in contact with the Madrid zoo. We are not aware of any exchange of Paul with another animal, and he would also not go to the zoo Madrid for a transfer fee", said aquarium spokeswoman Tanja Munzig.

    Selling the English-born octopus, which correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup game results, is not an option, Munzig added. "We are very glad about Paul staying in Oberhausen."