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    Inception Movie Review


    184 views Eric Melin and Trevan McGee from Scene-Stealers review Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi action film “Inception,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a corporate dream raider.Nolan directed “Memento,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Prestige.” He specializes in films that work like jigsaw puzzles while at the same time blending in a good amount of obsessive character traits to make things really interesting. With “Inception,” there is a good 30 minutes or so of fairly drab exposition followed by 90 minutes of the most dense and thrilling cinema you’re likely to experience all year. Be prepared for gravity-defying action like you’ve never seen, a mind-bending narrative, and a mix of CGI and in-camera special effects that looks so real you’d swear the world was really folding in on itself. Nolan orchestrates the entire ambitious movie like it’s the secret back page of the coach’s playbook. It’s complicated and risky and everything has to go just as planned, but if it works—the payoff is everything. And whether you understand all of the plot’s complexities by the end of the film or not, you’ll probably be convinced of one thing—“Inception” pays off in spades.