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    Kelly Kelly vs. Layla (Mixed Tag Match)


    by Diva-Lover--x

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    Layla and Kelly stare down and they start, Layla symbols the Smelly Kelly thing again, Kelly slaps Layla, and again, before taking Layla to the corner, Kelly goes on a right rage with Layla, as she storms some screams and about six kicks to Layla in the corner, She attempts a Handspring Splash to Layla in the corner, Layla kick reversals it, Layla goes for the pin and only gets two, Layla says "Are You Kidding Me?!" Kelly slaps Layla again, Layla with a back kick to Kelly, A replay is shown on Kelly's Splash Reversal in the corner, Layla with a backbreaker to Kelly, Rosa Mendes comes skipping down to the ring in a pink & black attire, The Dudebusters go to Rosa and Rosa distracts them, while they both hold the rope to let her do "Double Dutch" or skip, Layla is angry. Chris Masters with a clothesline to each of the Dudebusters, Kelly Kelly hits the K2 for the win. Layla is annoyed with Rosa, and Rosa skips to the back. Where was Michelle McCool Tonight?