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    N.Korean Propaganda Poster Hints at Cheonan Sinking


    by sunflower12

    North Korea has been distributing a propaganda poster apparently boasting about its sinking of the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan in March, Radio Free Asia reported Tuesday. The U.S.-funded radio station based the claim on a poster it obtained from a Chinese businessman just back from a trip to the North.

    The poster shows a North Korean soldier's fist smashing the ship into two pieces, accompanied by a slogan saying, "We'll take it down with a single blow if it attacks!"

    Quoting a military exert in South Korea, RFA said, "The poster features a corvette like the Cheonan, not a destroyer or a convoy ship, given the two guns each on the foredeck and the afterdeck. It seems that the North made the propaganda poster to boost soldiers' morale."