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    How to Make a Cosplay Pikachu Beanie Hat : ...

    Thread Banger

    by Thread Banger

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    I was obsessed with making these hats last summer. It was one of the many first items I started selling. Surprisingly they became such a popular novelty item. I thought I would share with you guys  how I made them.  Remember you can switch out the ears to make it into any  other animal you would like.  Also, I LOVED A-KON. How Fun!Materials:Stretch Fleece: Hancockfabrics ½ yardWhite Cotton: Hancock Fabrics ½ yardMusic:Lullaby by Mathew Sells Ideal By Marky Spark Twitter: www.secretlifeofabionerd.blogspot.comFace Book Group:!/group.php?gid=178537304162&ref=tsDisclaimer: Everything was purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.