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    "The Technique is Incredible" Choreographer, Shen Yun in L.A


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun is currently touring the west coast of the United States. Its shows in L.A. saw many people from the local arts and entertainment industry experience their first taste of Chinese classical dance. Our correspondent caught up with one choreographer who saw the show over the weekend.

    Back in the 90’s James Adegoke was doing choreography for stars like pop singer Prince and actress Carmen Electra. He saw Shen Yun Performing Arts touring in LA.
    Adegoke says Shen Yuns’s choreography is excellent.

    [James Adegoke, Choreographer]: 34 sec
    “The choreography’s very tight. You can tell they’re very well trained. And the technique is incredible.”

    He particularly enjoyed the backdrops behind the dancers.

    [James Adegoke, Choreographer]: 47 sec
    “It’s just amazing, with the whole heavenly theme. And it gives a lot of people hope. It makes you wonder how beautiful heaven is.”

    He says the spiritual themes in Shen Yun left an impression on him.

    [James Adegoke, Choreographer]: 1.15 min
    “It’s not just a show. It actually has a value to it, of some very, very deep teachings…like in the songs. It gives you a hope. I got that from it.”

    Shen Yun incorporates traditional themes and stories from ancient China through to the present day.

    [James Adegoke, Choreographer]: 1.30 min
    “I could almost say being a Christian it is almost like wow this very interesting. Because it seems like it’s all one. You know we all have one God. It’s so beautiful.”

    NTD News, Los Angeles.