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    Chinese Think Tank Says Facebook Threatens National Security


    by NTDTelevision

    A top think tank, backed by the Chinese regime is calling Facebook and other social-networking sites, tools of “political subversion.” They released a report urging authorities to step up surveillance, as more of China’s internet users are breaking through state-imposed censorship.

    Social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are banned in China by the ruling communist regime. And now their top-think tank is calling them potential risks to national security.

    State-backed Chinese Academy of Social Sciences—or CASS—published their “Report on the Development of China's New Media 2010.” It acknowledges the growing popularity of social-networking sites, and says, quote: "Some Web sites including Facebook, which are utilized by intelligence agencies in the Western countries, caused people to fear their specific political functions."

    But a press-freedom advocate, Oiwan Lam from Hong Kong In Media, tells Radio Free Asia that western social-networking sites are being singled out for another reason.




    [Wang Er Lun Dao, China Commentator]:
    “As long as there is a platform for speaking the truth, and for preventing the misguidance of the Central Propaganda Department, [netizens] will reach their own conclusions and their own opinions. These viewpoints will be different to what is being propagated, and will shake the foundation of [the regime’s] rule and its lies.”

    Every year, the Chinese regime spends millions on its “Great Fire Wall” to block information it deems unsuitable for the Chinese people. Information like Taiwan independence, the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and the persecution of Falun Gong are all banned under the guise of needing to protect the public from violent and pornographic content.

    But despite the regime’s efforts to control cyberspace, more and more of China’s 400 million internet users are, “scaling the wall,” so to speak, to access banned content with anti-censorship software.