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International Doll Salon Brings Joy in Kyiv

7 years ago241 views

The first International Doll Salon has been opened in Kyiv. Works made from wood, porcelain, cloth and vinyl prove that a doll is not just a toy, but indeed a piece of art.

Ukrainian sculptor Eugene Derevyanko started doing woodwork and ended up making puppets. He says dolls are understandable to people and can convey various messages. His dolls of the African Masai tribe are intended to remind people about eternal values.

[Eugene Derevyanko, Doll Master]:
"We felt that Africans are the people who stay closest to nature. And they are lacking the conventions we live in. And perhaps we, on the contrary, are lacking something fundamental in our lives"?

This collection features dolls from a Dutch author. Kids with sad faces show poverty of Indian and Thai areas. They wear the clothing of those people. Even their hair is real.

[Tatiana Sazonova, dolls' collector]:
"The dolls` world has even such a thing as a wig, for example, made of Asian hair."

Here the emotions are frozen on the children's faces: sadness and joy, hurt and laughter - such sensitive creations are made by European masters.

As for these dolls - they primarily cause surprise. At first glance they are not distinguishable from real babies.

[Victoria Barduk, Doll Master]:
"There was a man in a store. When the shop assistants at the store allowed me to try socks on the doll, I rolled the doll open, put the socks and started wrapping it back into a blanket and then into a bag. The man looked at me, and could not stand it: "What are you doing? Why are you putting the child in a bag"?

And, it seems, not only children are keen on playing with these dolls.

[Natalia Sapieha, Exhibition Visitor]:
"It's just something incredible, because they really are – just like live infants!"

Master classes and lectures are also held at the Salon – all of them about dolls.

NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.