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    Killer new Tricep tool, Double 4" Tri-Bells


    by HypertrophyLLC

    Created to outperform common triceps ropes, patent pending Tri-Bells deliver by providing resistance exercisers (bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes etc) with superior conditioning effects. It all begins with a revolutionary new *“ball type” gripping method, made possible by Tri-Bells Hi-tech hemispheres, which more equally distributes resistance throughout the triceps muscles. Combine that with an ultra flexible aircraft cable suspension system and the advantages over thick, inflexible triceps ropes becomes obvious in terms of freedom of movement and muscles stimulation it promotes. In addition to and in stark contrast to dull, “unsanitary” triceps ropes, Tri-Bells suspension cables feature soft rubber coverings in multiple attention grabbing colors which can be easily cleaned before or after use.