European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy

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European Union security
Battlegroups of the European Union
Balkan Battlegroup
Battlegroup 107
Battlegroup of the European Union
British EU Battlegroups
Czech-Slovak Battlegroup
Nordic Battlegroup
Spanish-Italian Amphibious Battlegroup
Military operations involving the European Union
Aceh Monitoring Mission
CSDP missions
EUFOR Althea
EUFOR Concordia
European Union Border Assistance Mission Rafah
European Union Naval Force Somalia Operation ATALANTA
European Union Police Mission
European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories
European Union Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo
Operation Artemis
Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations
European Union security
Berlin Plus agreement
European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship
Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management

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