FREAKSVILLE REC presents ' PAN ! vol 1


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Pow!...Freaksville garage rock ; decadent French songs and perverted blues.
The dog howls, the reek of gunpowder hangs in the air, an explosion and...Blues, Punk, Rock 'n Roll, the music of vagabonds and rebels with no cause other than freedom.
This is the odour of the new Freaksville compilation: Belgium playing the role of magnet for every kind of deviant and lover of absurd black humour.
It’s only rock ‘n roll in fact, but it’s a drug train heading for the brain, inked into the blood, casual rage carried by cruel ironic humour.
For this compilation, Miam Monster Miam, boss of the label Freaksville has only chosen those groups that shoot you right between the eyes, some Belgian, others English or French, possibly Punk, sometimes from a primitive past long ago…but all with the same twisted rock ‘n roll aesthetic.
Familiar freaksville artists like Ufo Goes Ufa, Miam Monster Miam and his Loved Drones, Lio and Jacques Duvall, but also featuring the cult classic punk song ‘Déréglée’ by Marie France (never before released on CD), Captain Kirk (R.I.P.), Osaka Airline and French beat writer Patrick Eudeline (from Asphalt Jungle) . Then there are the young guard, seething with furious ANGER; Lynda Wunderbar and Island Vega. A righteous mixture served up like a Molotov Cocktail. A quality compilation for all those who love this music: danceable rock, vicious nasty rock, rock played from the deepest recesses of the soul…

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