Cindy Lauper - Time After Time -

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"What good are words I say to you ?
They cant convey to you whats in my heart,
If you could hear instead,
The things I've left unsaid,

Time after time,
I tell myself that him,
So lucky to be loving you,

So lucky to be,
The one you run to see,
In the evening, when the day is through,

I only know what I know,
The passing years will show,
Youve kept my love so young, so new,

And time after time,
Youll hear me say that him,
So lucky to be loving you."

A (re)découvrir d'urgence!!
See ya next time!!

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Super video Merci ...! .. ,.....
Par garatri Il y a 4 ans
You deserve a lot more views than you have. ..i feel lonely though.. !!
Par lunalovely Il y a 4 ans
all of your videos are sooo funny!!!!!!!! but make more videos!!!! btw anyone wannt to chat?? ;)..!....
Par angeilbabe677 Il y a 4 ans
trop de chose en tète que je l'écoute que du plaisir je suis love de cette zic seriou penser penser mais trop bon merci ciao
Par karimmoutch Il y a 6 ans
Par benellito Il y a 6 ans
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