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    Fans Help Celebrate Spain’s World Cup Victory


    by NTDTelevision

    Soccer fans are gathering to welcome the Spanish team home, to celebrate their first ever World Cup triumph. Let’s look at what they’ve got planned.

    It’s an exciting time for Spain where fans gather at the site where the Spanish national team will celebrate their first World Cup victory.

    Spanish soccer fans began to congregate near Madrid's Puente del Rey on Monday to help celebrate the arrival of the victorious national squad after their 1-0 World Cup win over the Netherlands.

    Hundreds of thousands of fans gathered on Monday evening at the esplanade near the Maranton river to greet the victorious Spanish soccer team.

    Young fans arrived early at the celebration site to get front line positions.

    [Young Spanish Fan]:
    "I am going to sing and wait for the champions of the world.”

    [David, Young Spanish Fan]:
    "We are gathered here like all Spaniards to greet the players who will arrive after 9 p.m. they are the champions of the world and we are so proud of them, waiting for them to arrive.”

    Spain beat the Netherlands on Sunday after a nail-biting final that went into overtime.

    Andres Iniesta sealed their victory when he scored the only goal of the match.