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    Lorex RW2S Road Warrior In-Car Camera


    by ComputerTV

    Wondering where your vehicle has been driven by the kids, friends, employees? Stay connected at all times with the new Lorex Road Warrior Mobile Security Camera and DVR. This device brings the latest in video security technology to your car, truck, or RV. The Road Warrior is easy to install and use. Just mount the Road Warrior to the windshield and plug in the cigarette lighter power adapter. The Road Warrior features two high resolution wide angle cameras: a front-facing camera to capture the driver’s view and an in car video camera to record video from the cabin. Car camera video is recorded to the included 4GB SD card. Built-in night vision in car camera ensures you never miss anything once the sun sets. The Road Warrior comes equipped with a sophisticated GPS tracking antenna that will tell you your exact coordinates and speed. When you've finished driving, simply remove the 4GB SD memory card (included) and insert it into your computer. The Google Maps feature in Lorex Viewer lets you track the position of the vehicle in real time.