Lanny Poffo vs. Barry Horowitz

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Spectrum 9/18/87


I tell you, the big downfall of US wrestling is not just the WWE near-monopoly, but that the last of the "old school" wrestlers are long gone. Even in the late 1990s, you still had plenty of fellas that started their careers in the 70s and early 80s, when you still had a strong territorial system, which was a way to let these guys develop their skills and personae. So you could have a prelim vs. prelim match like this go 15 minutes and really entertain the crowd. These men knew their craft. Unfortunately, once USWA/SMW and the more decent post-territory indies disappeared, the craft really disappeared too. WWE tried to compensate with their "WWE style" training, but it's failed miserably. A bunch of male models unable to work more than a 5 minute match. But it's either that or go find some denim short/tank top wearing meth-addict looking indy scrub that weighs 145 lbs and can only do flippity-flop absurd aerial moves.
By peterp21 2 years ago
What the hell is this referee doing? There was no three count after that backbreaker. Ref, what the hell are you doing?
By Randy Ragsdale 3 years ago
This will be a good match. Good technicians are in there. Two of the better in-ring mechanics of the jobbers of the 80s are in there.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago