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    Czech President Appoints New Government


    by NTDTelevision

    After successful elections in June this year the Czech Republic President has now appointed the new government. The government needs a vote of confidence from the Chamber of Deputies within a month.

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus has appointed the new Czech government on Tuesday.

    Petr Necas heads the center-right coalition government comprising the Civic Democrats, Top 09 and Public Affairs.

    The government must ask the Chamber of Deputies for a vote of confidence within a month.

    Necas's government will replace outgoing Prime Minister Jan Fischer's caretaker cabinet. The caretaker cabinet has ruled for more than a year during the time of the Czech EU Presidency when the Chamber of Deputies voted no confidence for the former government.

    The new prime minister has aimed to have his government in place by mid-July. He wants to have a responsible financial management to fight corruption.

    NTD News Prague, The Czech Republic.