Nexus One Death Grip Demo

Olivier Poitrey

by Olivier Poitrey

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UPDATE: good download at this website >
By Juvenileliar3305Last week
That did not work out ,,, try this page -
By Dustymalady102493 weeks ago
Olivier Poitrey
maverick00767: Yes, you need poor cell coverage to reproduce.
By Olivier Poitrey5 years ago
Olivier Poitrey
gumboy84: I know that the technical underlaying reason is different but the problem is the same for the end-user: if the phone is held a certain way, you'll loose signal quality.

In fact, unlike internal antenna phones, if you don't create this gate between the two antennas with a finger (i.e.: using a bumper) but still hold the phone by the bottom as illustrated in the video, the phone won't loose signal. The real shame is that Apple didn't though about applying a non-conductive varnish on the frame...
By Olivier Poitrey5 years ago
Olivier Poitrey
gumboy84: in my understanding, the death grip issue is how you take the phone in a way to reduce the antenna gain (most devices with internal antenna have a death grip issue when held by the bottom).

The iPhone 4 specific issue is different as its antenna is external but it still suffer from the same death grip issue when a specific area of the frame is touched by the user's hand. This iPhone 4 specific issue is called antenna gate and this video doesn't demo it.

Note that I don't deny the iPhone 4 antenna gate issue in any way. This video is just to demo that most phones have their death grip issue.
By Olivier Poitrey5 years ago
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