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    Guide to organic gardens, worm farms & red worms


    by thewormfarm

    at The Worm Farm you can buy earthworms, redworms, nightcrawlers and dendras for vermicomposting, worm farms and fishing. In addition to earth worms, red worms, European night crawlers and dendras, The Worm Farm also has organic and natural soil amendments and fertilizers for home gardens, specialty growers and commercial agriculture.

    Our soil and potting mixes feature 99% pure worm castings (grown on site from our Eisenia Fetida red worms), mixed with a variety of premium compost, soil amendments and fertilizers. In addition to our standard mixes, we will combine your favorite ingredients to create any special mix you desire. At The Worm Farm, we have over 100 bulk soil amendments to choose from.

    Our products are available year-round for spring gardens, summer gardens, fall gardens and winter garden preparation.