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    Vocal Coach, Vocal Training, Breathing For Singing


    by singingsimple

    For more videos, you can visit the "Singing-Made-Simple" blog: Simply enter your email address. I just took a snippet out of my new Vocal Training Program "Singing-Made-Simple" that shows everything you need to know about "breathing" correctly for singing. For some strange reason many singing teachers turn breathing into a confusing mess, when actually it's quite simple! This video will clear up the mess and give you THE TRUTH about breathing correctly for singing. As always, leave me your comment below the video. Can't wait to read it :-) I've got some new videos in the pipeline for you! There have been some great questions on the last video I gave you about hitting your high notes. So I'm breaking out the good old handy dandy webcam again to answer those questions on the blog! Also, I'm making a VERY important video that discusses something quite personal. (Which will help you get rid of all the doubts you may have about your voice).