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    Simon Cowell's exes drama continues


    by ODN


    Simon Cowell's ex Sinitta has apologised after launching into a rant on Twitter against one of of The X Factor judge's other former girlfriends.

    She slammed Jackie St Claire on Twitter, telling her to stop saying she was having an affiar.

    Sinitta tweeted: "Jackie St Claire, you are the source of all lies and wrong info. I'm sorry after 25 years you still won't stop harrassing and bullying!"

    The pair are both part of Simon Cowell's inner circle and are often seen with him at red carpet events. In the past he has described Sinitta and Jackie as "family".

    Sinitta has since updated her Twitter, she said: "What an idiot I have been! Yesterday was a knee jerk reaction and a mistake. I don't want to fight at all and not publicly, I was so angry."