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    What Is The Difference Between Panic And Anxiety Attacks? An

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    In many different ways, panic and anxiety attacks are words that are utilized interchangeably. Do we have a reason to do that? We absolutely do, because these terms have almost the same meaning. Take note though that their meanings are only almost the same. Now, what is the difference between panic and anxiety attacks?

    The difference between the two is typically just their intensity. In the medical field, a panic attack is defined as a sudden and usually extreme feeling of anxiety. Because it is sudden, it usually lasts for a few minutes. It peaks at around 10 minutes and begins to subside.

    A person in panic attack is observed to have one or more of very alarming symptoms. Some of these are palpitations, hyperventilation, diaphoresis, trembling, the sensation of choking, and many others. In some very bad cases, fainting and chest pains may even be experienced.

    On the other hand, anxiety attacks are gentler. Furthermore,