Frisbee FAIL!!

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by Simon

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Was filming these idiots playing frisbee outside my house and had a nasty shock!!


Jól meg van csinálva, mondjuk durva lenne hogyha igazi felvétel lenne:D
By kalozfia 4 years ago
Frisbee fail + car = not cool
By raptors86 4 years ago
yeah !!! mais c'est du fake pensez vous vraiment que y a un gars qui avait que ca a faire de filmer des gars jouer au frisbie ?
By jérémie 4 years ago
Je rêve ? Vous mettez ça dans la catégorie Funny ?Dailymotion, vous me décevez, vraiment.Si c'est ça l'humour d'aujourd'hui, pensez alors à l'humour dans 20 ans...
By VinZou82 4 years ago
No, i don't think so. I've never seen a real person being run over by a car, but i think (first of all, who is stupid enough to pull off something like that?) he would have like, been thrown into the air or have done any damage to the car. Besides, if you look close, he's standing the exact same way from the moment the car hits him till he's out of the screen. I'm not sure, but i think it's fake
By Abe kat 4 years ago
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