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    Victim's mother: Police should have warned my son


    by ODN


    The mother of the man murdered by gunman Raoul Moat has attacked police for not "keeping an eye" on her son.

    Chris Brown's mother said officers should have warned the 29-year-old karate instructor they had received intelligence from Durham Prison suggesting his life was in danger.

    Moat, a steroid-addicted former nightclub doorman, was released from prison on July 1 after serving a short sentence for assault.

    A day later he shot his former girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, 22, and killed Mr Brown at a house in Birtley, near Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

    Miss Stobbart, in an apparent attempt to protect herself from the burly 37-year-old, had told Moat she was dating a police officer. This enraged the jealous father-of-three - who held numerous bitter grudges against the police - and could have sparked his rampage.

    Police have continued their painstaking search in Rothbury - the spot where Moat shot himself, and the inquest into Moat's death will be opened and adjourned on Tuesday in Newcastle at 1pm.