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    by SecuritySystemsDC

    29 views | Ackerman Security Systems company complaints NOT...JUST ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!! My name is Stephanie Green, and I recently made some additions to my existing security system from Ackerman Security. Unfortunately, a few days ago I received a invoice that presented some very serious concerns of my decision to have Ackerman provide me with home security service. I eventually got it resolved, and I feel a key factor to this resolution was based on the customer service I received from Ms. Kimberly. Ms. Kimberly was very patient, she listened, she did not try to out talk me, and she had a genuine interest in my concerns! She took the time to try to explained portions of the agreement thou, my agreement had not been scanned yet, so she did not have an actual copy of my agreement in front of her. Not only did she show continued support of my concerns, but she was also concerned with me as a person, she made me feel like I wasn't just another customer (money) for Ackerman Security. Please accept this accolade for "EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE" for Ms. Kimberly, she influenced my decision to continue to due business with Ackerman Security! Stephanie Green Very Best Manner!!! I am a relatively new Ackerman Security customer. I was connected to Angelia Kunkler in the Customer Care department at Ackerman Security. I wanted to let you know about my experience with her. Her customer care was exemplary and truly one of the best experiences I have had with any company! She listened carefully and understood why I was concerned. She acted quickly and efficiently and kept me informed and up to date with information as she was able to resolve the credit card confusion. She went above and beyond and was understanding and very professional. She was respectful of me and very respectful of her colleagues and Ackerman Security as a company. She prioritized me as a customer and made me feel like my issue mattered and was important! Ackerman Security is fortunate to have Angelia Kunkler to represent this ...