Epic Rap Battle!


by RhettandLink

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MP3, LYRICS, & LINKS: ----------------- Get this song at: http://rhettandlink.com/music or on iTunes: http://bit.ly/amWekz Watch all our music videos in this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=5D3BFF118D8928BC ----------------- LYRICS: first off, i want to tell you I enjoyed the pizza well, it really wasn't great, but it allowed me to meetcha I'd like your number- but I'm not gonna leave a big tip to get it That means he's cheap and pathetic and if you date him you'll regret it 23 percent from me communicates I'm generous; not desperate. And I can calculate. Is she supposed to be impressed? Well, if you wanna battle be my guest... i'm a computer programmer and a cubical dweller I disabled spellcheck 'cause I'm a stellar speller When I write an email that includes an attachment I never hit "send"before I've attached it. Your job is a bore; I keep it hardcore Selling knives and insurance from door to door. You're reflecting on a water cooler conversation I'm giving an incredible knife demonstration May I interest you in some accidental death coverage or a bagel slicer? I can change your computer wallpaper to a tropical beach scene. Bagel slicer. I carpool, ‘cause I’m environmentally sensitive, I pack a snorkel, cause I'm clever and so inventitive. It’s inventive. Inventitive isn’t a word. Yeah it, I just inventi-ted it; you just got served. Well, when I carpool, I take a group of third graders. On my way to work, I teach them multiplication tables. See, I’m a role model, an example to the youth. Then why did this kid just tell me that 1 X 1 = 2? At the gym, people line up just to gimme a spot All eyes on me when i'm popping a squat My career plan B is to teach P.E. The model on the machine...he's based on me . I've mastered the art of mental manip-ulation Workin' every muscle group through meditation This is me working out my triceps Pick up my dvd called Mind Reps My sense of style is sweet like syrup. It's not uncommon for people to think I'm from Europe. I don’t follow the ... Distributed by Tubemogul.


try --> bit.ly/1usSGhN or po.st/mkt241
By aserenal1982 November
lmfao soooooooooooooo hard lol
By zim4222 4 years ago
la video m'a plu ..! :)) ,,,......
By lovinggirl4 4 years ago
i thumbs up this video ..i feel lonely though.. :-)
By mdsiddik 4 years ago
awesome just fucking awesome.
By sheldon 5 years ago
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