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    Victim's family blame police for lack of warning


    by ODN


    The family of Raoul Moat's murder victim have blamed police for not warning him that his life was in danger.

    Chris Brown's mother also criticised his girlfriend Samantha Stobbart - Moat's ex - for telling the burly former nightclub doorman that she was dating a police officer.

    Sally Brown, speaking from her home in Slough, Berkshire, said Northumbria Police should have protected her karate instructor son.

    She told ITV News: "If he (Moat) was such a threat and they (the police) were warned.

    "They could have warned him. They could have been keeping an eye on him."

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission is already investigating whether the police responded adequately to a warning from Durham Prison that Moat might intend to cause serious harm to Miss Stobbart.