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    Recycled Art Projects: Creative Waste of California


    by EcoBold

    378 views This recycled art projects website is just great: Creative Waste of California, also known as CWOCA, has been uniting artists with waste in order to create some really neat, upcycled art. Everything you see is made from recycled materials that end up as green art, or recycled art, or recycled trash art as some might call it CWOCA unites trash into art and the end result is something you might have never imagined! It can be anything from green modern art to vintage looking art to weird art. But that's what art is all about, right? Their recycled cardboard iphone cover is one of my favorites. Another one is the recycled water bottle made from bottles that the artist picked up from the beach and made a tube (I like to think that's more like a mattress that floats) that you can use for wave riding! Here are the topics they currently cover: architecture, cardboard art, composting, energy, environment, e-waste, health, lighting, metal, paint, paper, photography, plastic, textile, transportation, water and wood art. I even saw a tie made out of tape (that's right, audiotape), I really hope I can review that tie, it was very, very cool. In their own words: CWOCA is a collaboration of like-minded people using unwanted materials as the new building blocks for art, products and succesful living. We are instigators of cycling and self-propelled activities (surf, skate, snow etc…) which produce a healthy mind. Movement, Fun and Creativity are the magical-three.