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    Boxing Techniques - Long Right Hook - A Slick Power Shot.

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

    583 views - The difference between success and failure when throwing a punch can often be very slight. As a boxer, you may be constantly trying to nail an opponent with a right cross at long range, but somehow your opponent manages to block just at the right time, or slip or duck the shot almost by accident. The more you persevere with the right cross, the more frustrated you get that it doesn’t land! So what do you do? One of the first options you should think of is using the boxing technique of the long range right hook. Now, the untrained eye may struggle to identify the difference between a long range right hook and a (straight) right cross. True, the differences are subtle, but they should be easily identifiable to someone who knows what they are looking for. Here’s the secret; it’s all about angles!