cosmos - a microfilm

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The extended version of João Paulo Simões's cosmos - a microfilm.
A Frontier Media/Cinema Livre presentation.
From the generic theme of poverty, the director conceived a cinematic take on social exclusion which suggests the outlines of a more personal drama.
Part gritty observation, part poetic celebration of motherhood with a nod to Witold Gombrowicz, the film features Rebekah Buckman in the central role and the outstanding music of Sieben.

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Awesome. And the girl is sexy as hell!
By BritBabes 4 years ago
Wow! This is one of the most beautiful, poignant things that I've ever come across on Dailymotion.
And so simple in the way that it's presented.
Congratulations to the creators of this.
By Glimpses 4 years ago