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    Scorcher: I'll never go pop


    by ODN


    Dizzee Rascal continually has to fend off claims that he has sold out, but fellow grime star Scorcher is not worried about attracting the same criticism.

    "I intend on going commercial in that my music appeals to everyone, but I come from a scene and I'm proud of it and I want to further my scene with my success, rather than jump onto a bandwagon," said Scorcher.

    The rapper, whose real name is Tayo Jarret, feels so strongly about the matter, he asked the audience their opinion during his performance at the Wireless festival in London's Hyde Park.

    "We had a little fun part in the set. We did a vote....'if you're tired of seeing underground guys go pop, put your middle finger up'. There were two hands up from everyone," said the MC.

    But with more and more urban acts crossing over into the mainstream charts, Scorcher believes it is a good chance for grime stars to shine.

    He said: "That's why I made the single, It's my time, as I feel like now is the best time ever for real underground music."