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Angel Donovan
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  • Add to - A look inside the 4 elements of game, a top rated pick up artist learning manual. This critical review explains what it teaches about picking up women and what it doesn't. We answer "Is this book the real deal? What will you learn? What is the bad and the good of what you will learn from it - and what won't you learn. The bottom line - we answer Is it worth buying?" Rob Judge and Zack Bauer found Date Hotter Girls in 2009 and have risen to become extremely popular and sought out very quickly. They are pick up artists living in New York. His company, Venusian Arts, has Revelation as its entry level product for guys starting to learn to use. From there they can buy additional products to learn more advanced techniques or get some real live coaching on a bootcamp with Mystery or his coaching team (Matador, Lovedrop - Chris Odom, J-Dog and others). The idea is that aspiring pick up artists and men who study dating advice for men can simplify how they learn with this product - by just focusing on the most important things they need to change (or bring out) in their personality. The 4 elements of game is the term that Rob Judge and Zack Bauer have given to the four most important things that you need to balance in your personality in order to meet and attract women successfully. This video is only a summary of the full review - to learn more see: Check out over 1,000 other dating advice for men products and the Dating Skills Review Top 50 Ranked at Note: This is an objective and critical review of the 4 Elements of Game eBook to the best of our expert editors' knowledge. You can report any discrepancies you perceive via contact us on our website.