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    How to Get Xbox Live Gold Membership Completely Free - ...


    by HillaryStaceyHarper

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    download file here : So this whole thing works really smooth. You basically take surveys that give you points, which you can then trade in for awesome prizes. They have tons of prizes and if you can't find what you're looking for, they have custom orders. Free shipping takes 1-5 days. What more could you ask for? If you don't believe this, then check out my proof video. So far I have received two Xbox 360 1600 Microsoft Points cards, BioShock, Madden 09, a controller, an iPod touch, and I am currently saving for a Wii. :) download file here : Step By Step Instructions 1. Click the above link (Direct link to R1)and sign up. Remember to put in your REAL information like address,name,email. This is how they will send your prizes to you. 2. Once you have signed up, log in, click on 'offers' on the top of the page, and starting filling out offers. Surveys and offers take no more than 5 mins to complete and are worth a certain amount of points. They are easy to complete and 100% free. ** I recommend that you create a new spam email and use that spam email account while filling out surveys, because you will get spammed. You can get a free email address from Hotmail, or Gmail. Creating a new email will save you the trouble of sorting through spam mail. 3. Once you have completed a survey you should receive the number of points the survey was worth. Remember that 1 point = $1. 4. Once you have enough points you can request a prize of your choice! Shipping is FREE and takes 1-5 days. Any prize you can't find on Rewards1 can be custom ordered off of Amazon. *Prizes like Wii points, XBL Membership, or Microsoft point codes will be emailed to you immediately!*