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    Oscar Winner James Horner Scores Horsemen Music


    by asbtv

    1 058 views The Horsemen love searching the skies for tiny suspended moments of formation perfection. In it, time freezes, the team becomes one, and the Earth rotates around us. These fleeting moments appear like a bolt of lightning... stunning... electric... and then they are gone. We are often asked, what does it feel like to do this in Mustangs? Finding the words to express it always seemed to slip away and vanish in the clouds... lost forever... until we met James Horner. James is an Oscar-winning composer for such legendary films as Avatar, Titanic, Braveheart, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Field Of Dreams, Glory, and Legends Of The Fall. The list goes on and on. As luck would have it, besides music, James loves to fly. Even more important, he loves Mustangs, their thundering Merlin engines, and formation aerobatics... imagine that! Once again, the Horsemen's P-51 skeleton key opened another magical door. It is through this door that our friendship and passions took flight. Looking back, it seems inevitable that our obsession for music, film, and flying would project James and the Horsemen onto the world's biggest silver screen... air show center stage. This film documents how we landed there together and takes you behind-the-scenes as Horner records his musical masterpiece for the Horsemen. We truly believe James' score has captured the pure essence of flight and expressed its soul. Not just for us... for EVERYONE. EVERYONE who looks to the sky, dreams to soar without limitations... to fly... and Escape Life's Gravity. For more awesome flying videos in HD go to http://ASB.TV or check out http://ASB.TV/jameshorner