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    Life When You're Dealing With Panic Attacks

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    Dealing with panic attacks is a task you have to forever live with. You wake up every day with a jolt in your stomach because you have to wonder if you will have another attack today. I have been working with people who are unfortunate enough to be a part of the census of those who are sufferers of panic attacks. They all have one question in mind - how to stop a major panic attack?

    To a certain extent, we all have been pushed and shoved to having a panic attack. In reality, all of us had a moment of panic attack. When you have been cheated by your girlfriend and your friend, or maybe when you are beating the deadline of a project that may make or break your career. Those are several situations that are panic attack inducing.

    It is too bad that these rare events in our lives are someone else's daily battle. There are times when even the little things can cause them a lot of trouble. Like when your ice cream melted while wa