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    Can Panic Attacks Cause Fainting: How Does It Happen?


    Another common question when it comes to panic disorder is can panic attacks cause fainting? Due to certain symptoms that may indicate near fainting like hyperventilating, panic attacks and fainting have been thought to be related. Information to this is important and a thorough understanding needs to be known so as not to cause more panic.

    For a person suffering in a panic attack, there is a fear that may cause the person to have shortness in breathing and this may cause hyperventilation. The person may suddenly have the feeling of lightheadedness and confusion which they often associate with fainting.

    One must know that when a panic attack happens, this may take and last for thirty minutes or less. The feeling of fainting may happen at the start of the panic attack but this seldom occurs. In fainting, a person lacks oxygen that circulates in the brain. And the time for a panic attack is less for this to even occur.