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    Protesters Block Rail Services Burn Effigies Across India


    by NTDTelevision

    And on Monday, India saw a nationwide shutdown of shops and services in protest of inflation and rising fuel prices. Also affected were the country's railways. Here's that story.

    Protestors blocked railway services on Monday during a nationwide shutdown call given by India's opposition parties to protest against a price rise in gas and inflation.

    At Siliguri in West Bengal, activists burned an effigy of the prime minister to voice their frustrations.

    Meanwhile, in the state of Tamil Nadu, protesters blocked railway services for over half-an-hour, disrupting the normal life in Chennai.

    Reports say over 300 protesters were arrested or rounded up by state police at various places in Tamil Nadu.

    Opposition parties in India called for a 12-hour nationwide shutdown against price rises on Monday.

    The strike is being seen as a test of the opposition's strength as the ruling Congress party attempts to push ahead with key reforms in Asia's third largest economy.

    Earlier on Sunday, India's finance minister had said there was no question of rolling back the hike in fuel prices even though it would increase inflation.