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    Deer almost killed my dachshund


    by vlavws

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    my site is (under construction) I will be adding more pictures. I had to throw rocks at the female deer to get her to back off. My dog was nearly tore in two by crazed deer. You should never underestimate wild animals. In this area I live in, around 100 people are killed yearly by deer during their mating and birthing seasons. There's no telling how many pets are killed by these animals. You may think they are cure, but people forget that these animals can get to be over 300 pounds. That's why you shouldn't feed them. they belong in the wild, not in areas where we have our pets and families. My neighbors would think I was being unneighborly if I reported them for feeding the wild deer causing them to cut through our yard and property. They are responsible for my dog nearly being murdered. He had many stitches and tubes inserted. Very expensive dog surgery. my dog is my baby!