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    Heatwave Has China Sweltering


    by NTDTelevision

    Swealtering heat has gripped parts of China today. Temperatures topping a hundred degrees aren't just affecting people, but animals as well.

    China is suffering a heat wave which has shattered temperature records.

    Beijing recorded temperatures of over 105 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, the highest reading for early July in 60 years.

    Tourists and local residents seek shelter from the searing heat… and heat stroke cases have doubled in the past three days.

    Even so, Tiananmen Square is filled with thirsty tourists.

    [Fang Yiding, Young Tourist]: (Mandarin)male
    "It's really hot! Walking on the road makes you really want to go to sleep. I'm so sleepy. We came here because we've never seen it, so we came for our holidays."

    Many local residents headed to the city's lakes hoping for cooler air.

    [Han Jianbo, Beijing Resident]: (Mandarin) male
    "It really is just too hot. There's no way to describe it. It's too hot, too hot. But it's OK, because here by the lake we can enjoy the cool."

    Others take refuge in air-conditioned shopping centers and some people simply gave in and fell asleep.

    Chen Xin, who works in the city, worries that the increase in heat could be a sign of global climate change.

    [Chen Xin, Beijing Resident]: (Mandarin) femlae
    "This year the temperature in Beijing seems so high. Does it have anything to do with the environment. I think it probably does. Isn't the entire climate warming up?"

    Animals are also feeling the heat and this zoo in southern Guangdong Province has added iced meats and watermelons to their diets.

    Media reports say that Beijing Zoo has spent $147,000 on fans, air conditioning and icy treats to keep its animals cool.