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    NFL - Michael Vick Found Innocent


    by topspotwebdesign

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    Virginia beach police have been investigating a shooting that took place outside of the Guadalajara nightclub on June 30th during Michael Vick’s birthday party. It was a party which vick shouldn’t have even had according to the rules of his probation. Not unfamiliar with trouble, Vick spent 19 months in prison for dogfighting charges, and many signs seemed to point at the Quarterback that night in Virginia beach. Video footage shows that he left the club at 2:07, just 3 minutes before the shooting occurred a block away, the car he left in even drove off in the direction of the shooting location.

    However, the police have released Vick of any suspicion, claiming they believe they have identified a man responsible, but cannot release any information, as the witnesses are not cooperating.