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    FilmFellas Cast 8: Web 35- Let There be Light

    Zacuto Films

    by Zacuto Films

    Our award winning ASC cast kicks off the series discussing how DSLRs are creating a new wave of indie film and democratizing the filmmaking process. They discus lighting, story, and talent behind the lens.

    Zacuto Films presents their first ASC cast with FilmFellas Cast 8: ASC Cinematographers in 5 Webisodes. Starring: Stephen Goldblatt ASC, BSC, (Julie & Julia, Closer), Rodney Charters ASC, CSC, (Television Series: 24), Nancy Schreiber ASC (The Nines) and returning Host Jens Bogenhegn (DP/Producer of FilmFellas/critics). Directed by Steve Weiss. Come watch this award winning ASC cast share their trials and tribulations of being a Director of Photography in New Hollywood. Now in their 8th Season, the FilmFellas webisodic series premieres June 16, 2010 only at Zacuto!

    Jens Bogenhegn (DP/Producer of FilmFellas/critics)
    Stephen Goldblatt ASC, BSC (Cinematographer)
    Rodney Charters ASC, CSC (Cinematographer/Director)
    Nancy Schreiber ASC (Cinematographer)