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    Fall factor:


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    In climbing, the fall factor is the value which defines the severity of a fall, and in
    consequence, its degree of risk and the consequences for all the roped party. This theoretical
    value lies between 0 and 2 in climbing conditions
    The fall factor is calculated by dividing the length of the fall by the length of rope in play.
    A/ In the first case, the belayer is at point (a), there is a runner 2.5m above, at point (b). The
    climber continues upwards to point (c) , 2.5m above the runner.
    The climber falls. His length of fall is 2.5 + 2.5 = 5 metres.
    The fall factor will be: 5 m fall distance divided by 5 m of rope in play = 1.
    This is a reasonable fall factor.