Raoul Sinier - Cymbal Rush Trailer

Raoul Sinier
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Oeuvre Records:
Fabulous trailer for our exciting forthcoming vinyl release. A cover version of the Thom Yorke song "Cymbal Rush" from his number 1 album "The Eraser" on XL Recordings. Performed, produced and directed by Raoul Sinier, the prolific Parisian artist (in absolutely every sense of the word) whose work has graced the oeuvre of luminaries such as Planet Mu, Ad Noiseam and Coredump records. This 12" vinyl, featuring a remix by Hecq, will drop physically and digitally in September so watch this space!

Conceived in Paris

Excecuted in Nottingham


2 commentaires

Par POWSKII Il y a 5 ans
On dirait, je dis bien on dirait un tournant dans la texture même de ton art. Me trompé-je ? Je suis tenté d'acheter ne serait-ce que pour m'en assurer. En tout cas, comme à chaque fois, je suis bluffé par ce que tu fais.
Par Troglodyte Il y a 5 ans