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    Killer Upright Row, multi-purpose strap


    by HypertrophyLLC

    An offshoot of Haulin’ Hooks patented Super “J” Hook system, Delt-Belt was created to give weightlifters (bodybuilders, athletes etc.) all the shoulder conditioning benefits of the popular Upright Row Exercise, without the negative joint stress commonly encountered when performing this movement with conventional barbells and dumbbells. Delt-Belt achieves this objective perfectly through use of a single dumbbell loading hook system which suspends from biomechanical angled handle straps. The end result is a body hugging design that keeps the dumbbell and arms safely close to the torso during the raising and lowering of elbows. To accommodate bodies of any height, Delt-Belt provides users with (5) quick change vertical hook sleeves from which to choose. Delt-Belt commercial grade construction can easily handle the heaviest dumbbells available and includes a 500# load rated D-ring which can be attached to any resistance cable machine to provide the added versatility of multiple exercise options